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buy v2cigs

If you enjoy smoking your traditional tobacco cigarettes, but at the same time, you are also worrying about its negative effects not only to your body but also to those who inhale second hand smoke, now is the best time for you to make the switch to electronic cigarettes. Smoking e cigarettes, aside from being a much healthier alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, also have numerous other benefits, such as providing you with greater amount of savings. One of the best decisions that you can make when you have decided to go for electronic cigarettes is to buy V2 Cigs.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes: All About this Top Class E Cigarette Brand

Each of the V2 electronic cigarettes is comprised of two main components. These components include the long lasting battery and the flavor cartridge. The V2 flavor cartridges are packed full of the company’s proprietary e-liquid formula. This formula is a unique combination of water, nicotine (or non nicotine) solution, propylene glycol, and flavorings. Each cartridge also comes in various great tasting flavors as well as in the strength of your choice. And with the atomizers built in to the cartridges, you no longer have to worry about maintenance or cleaning when you buy V2 Cigs.

When you choose to buy V2 Cigs, you will be able to enjoy 150 up to 220 puffs. While the number of puffs depend on how deep a puff you take, one cartridge is still equivalent to one pack of regular tobacco cigarettes. The long lasting battery can last up to one week, which is also dependent on how frequently you smoke your V2 electronic cigarettes. Being able to enjoy the same experience you got with your traditional tobacco cigarettes is possible when you choose this specific brand of e cigs, but the best part is that you can have much bigger savings.

When you buy V2 Cigs, you can choose from six different starter kits available. These starter kits have different features and are priced according to what they are included with. However, you can rest assure that you will be able to find just the right V2 electronic starter kit that will not only meet your preferred smoking requirements, but also your budget. The starter kits being offered by this specific brand of e cigs that you can choose from include the following:

v2vig Stater Kit

The V2 Express Kit – For only $29.95, this is the most affordable starter kit currently being offered by the manufacturers of V2 Cigs
The V2 Economy Kit – Priced at $59.95, it already includes everything that you need to get started on your electronic cigarette smoking habits
The V2 Standard Kit – This is the e cigarette starter kit that already includes all of the essential features for only $74.95
The V2 Couples Kit – This kit, which is for only $139.95, is the best starter kit to purchase if you have someone to share it with
The V2 Traveler Kit – Being offered at a discounted price of $159.95, this is the kit to get if you have a busy and hectic lifestyle
The V2 Ultimate Kit – This kit is already inclusive of all the gadgets being offered by V2 Cigs, for only $199.95

V2 Electronic Cigarette Battery Types and Style

V2 Electronic cigarettes have become quite famous for various reasons. This product are considered to be the best option for all those people who want to remain healthy, without quitting smoking. V2 e-cigarettes have also launched specific starter kits for their new users. Apart from the starter kits, you can also buy v2 cigs battery life kits from online shopping sites.

Battery Types

The long v2 batteries are about 140 mm in length. You can purchase the long V2 battery that can be used manually or automatically installed. The voltage requirement for such batteries is about 4.2 volts, which will not certainly affect your electricity bill. Usually, each long battery requires about 4 hours for recharge. The v2 e-cigs have been designated with vapor power of 4 stars.

The v2 medium length batteries have a length of 110 mm. They are also known as standard v2 batteries. You will need to recharge them for 2 to 3 hours and they consume 4.2 volts and 250 amperes. The standard v2 batteries are regarded as one of the most popular products of v2. With a single recharge, you will be able to puff more than 200 times. These batteries are also obtainable in manual and automatic form.

The v2 cigs battery life sets are also manufactured in small sizes. The small batteries are not more than 100 mm. These batteries require much less time than standard and long batteries. They consume about 150 amperes and have been rewarded with vapor power of 4 stars. These batteries are very popular among people, who have a unique sense of style. You will be able to use them for 160 puffs after full recharge.

Design and Clarity

In the earlier days, when cigars were must in fashion, people used to smoke use long cigarettes as a stamen of classy fashion. V2 cigars with their long battery design have reconstructed that style in a definition. Today, however, the v2 cigar users will be free of any kind of ashtray. The long batteries have a unique style, which was and still is regarded to be an elegant mark of style and class. If you are a fan of fashion and would like to revive the classiness in yourself, then you can absolutely try the 140 mm long v2 cigs battery life package.


All the batteries are available in 4 major colors. Classic red battery is available in all the 3 sizes and has a red colored LED. People, who love darker colors, can opt for the sleek black color, which comes with a blue or red colored LED. Apart from these two colors, the users also get the option of choosing Metallic blue and stainless steel color.

You can simply buy these batteries from trusted online v2 shopping sites. This season, v2 cigars have launched many discount coupons on their products and therefore, it is regarded as one of the best times for electronic cigarette users. You too could take pleasure in using these devices, which are much better options than the traditional cigarettes.

Why should you choose the V2 Cigs as your Brand of Electronic Cigarettes?

Buy v2 Cigs

Since there are so many brands and manufacturers of electronic cigarettes on the market, you might be wondering as to why you should choose V2 Cigs over its other main competitors. There are many good reasons to buy V2 Cigs, and choosing to do so will allow you to enjoy numerous beneficial features that only this specific brand has to offer. Some of the best reasons as to why you should definitely put the name of this e cig brand on top of your list of manufacturers to go with include the following:

• High quality yet affordable electronic cigarettes
• Six different starter kits to choose from that will suit your budget as well as meet your e cigarette smoking requirements
• Long lasting battery life
• Wide variety of different flavor cartridges to choose from – all of which are great tasting
• One of the brands known to produce the highest level of vapor or odorless smoke
• Different nicotine strengths, including no-nicotine, to choose from
• Availability of V2 Cigs coupons that you can use to get more savings on their high quality e cigs and other essential products

The Reasons why you should Buy V2 Electronic Cigarette Brands Online

Now that you have learned all about the benefits that you can get when you buy V2 Cigs, you might be wondering as to where you can purchase your very own starter kit. While your first thought may be to purchase it from a store, it will do you a lot more good if you choose to order it from an online shop. When you buy your V2 Cigs starter kit online, you will be able to enjoy a higher level of comfort and convenience, as you can order it anytime that you want and anywhere you may be. Aside from convenience, buying your V2 Cigs online will also help you save a lot more money.

With so many other brands of electronic cigarettes to choose from, you need to make sure that the your choice will make you happy, make you very satisfied, and provide you with the best electronic cigarette smoking experience. If you choose to buy V2 Cigs, you will definitely be happy with your choice, seeing that there is just the right starter kit for your e cigarette smoking needs that is also just right for your budget. V2 Cigs is definitely one of the brands that you should highly consider buying in order for you to get the best value for your money.

Best Brand Of The E Cigs- V2

The invention of the V2 cigs is intended to provide the healthy smoking to the smoker. The famous brand enjoys the customers all over the world. The demand of e cigs of this brand is increasing day by day. The famous brand is popular among the smoker due to its unique taste and appearance. The electronic cigarettes of this brand are eco-friendly as well highly recommendable brand in comparison to others. Many smokers look for the answer of the question can I buy v2 cigs in stores. Yes you can purchase the V2 cigs from the online store.

Feature of the V2 electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes of this brand gaining popularity day by day due to the advanced features and unique taste. Many smokers do not aware about this product so the brand adds this feature in the electronic cigarettes to create awareness among the smokers. The user of the electronic cigarettes can share the information about the product on Facebook and twitter. The healthy way of smoking is safe and best in comparison to the tobacco smoking.

Information about ingredients of electronic cigarettes

The main ingredient of the electronic cigarettes is nicotine. The nicotine combines with the mixture of the solution of the propylene glycol and water to form the vapors. These vapors are inhaled and exhaled by the lungs of the smoker. Some smokers are sensitive to the propylene glycol so the brand offers them electronic cigarettes containing vegetable glycerin.

Non-flammable and Eco friendly cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes are non-flammable. There is no need to light up the electronic cigarettes, as these are non-flammable. The smoker can also save the money. There is no need to purchase matchsticks or lighter.

Freedom to smoke

The V2 e cigs allow users to smoke at public place, restaurants, or office. There are no more restrictions. The smoker has the full freedom to smoke at any place and at any time. The electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco so it does not subject to tobacco law of any country. The smoker now has full freedom to satisfy his urge for smoking at any place. Just take the puff and switch off the electronic cigarettes. Can I buy v2 cigs in stores is questioned in the minds of users.Whenever you desire to smoke just take another drag of cigarettes. It is the best and recommends the brand. It changes the life of the smoker.

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